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Hi, I'm Mario, welcome to my page! Here you can see all the thing that i love:
-Monster Hunter;
-Kingdom Hearts;
-video games;
-Funny things;
-The legend of Korra and the Last Airbender;
-The Wakfu/Dofus animated series and sometimes Movies and TV series

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endless list of games i love » okami [1/?]

Kingdom Hearts III: Movie Posters

kingdom hurts


That feel when they don’t got it memorized



Okamiden pastillage cake stand. ~6 hours


Sometimes I’m Finn, other times I’m Jake.


You can’t not reblog this.


You can’t not reblog this.


Rajang think his pin attack is pretty cool….AGAINST HUNTERS AND SMALL ANIMALS ONLY!! That new move make Rajang’s life inconvenient sometimes, like WHEN TRYING TO DRINK JUICE!

You know what, stupid carton? RAJANG WILL NOT SHAKE YOU NEXT TIME! Rajang is badass who doesn’t follow the rules, anyways! HURUU!! Rajang did the same thing with a snow-globe during December, and let’s just say Rajang had to do a lot of clean up in his cave…